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Operations Update during COVID-19


At Roberts Accounting CPAs, P.C., we are doing everything in our power to ensure the safety of our employees, and clients. Over the past few months, we have developed a pandemic safety plan and restructured our operations so that we may continue to provide excellent client services in a healthy and safe environment. We are continuously monitoring the CDC’s developments of COVID-19, and are committed to following all state and local health department recommendations and requirements. Current procedures we are enforcing in our offices include:

  • Limiting office visits to appointment only.

  • Requiring anyone entering the building to wear masks or other approved face coverings.

  • Limiting in-person gatherings by using tele- or video-conferencing as our first choice for meetings.

  • Established designated areas for pick-ups and deliveries, limiting contact as much as possible.

  • Practicing six-foot social distancing in commonly used areas in the office.

  • Maintaining hand hygiene stations.

What if your documents are already with us?

If you have already provided us with your tax documents, please know that we are working diligently to complete your tax return by the July 15th deadline and that we will call you as soon as they are completed. When we call you to review the results of your returns, we will explain our delivery options and payment process with you at that time.

What if you haven’t provided us your documents yet?

If you have not yet provided your materials to us, please take a few minutes to do so by visiting our website at to upload your documents to us, as well as answer a few questions. Rest assured that this method of delivery is not only secure, but also very easy to use! Once we have received your documents, will be in touch with any additional information that we need to prepare your returns.

When do you need to get us your stuff to ensure your taxes are not extended?

Please provide us all of the documents required to prepare your tax return by Wednesday, June 24th. Otherwise, it is likely that we will have to file for an extension of time on your behalf.

If you prefer to take advantage of the October 15th extension deadline at this time, please request this as soon as possible by visiting

Our team is available to assist you via phone/text/email Monday – Thursday 9:00 – 5:00 and Friday 9:00 – Noon. Call/Text: (585) 454-8780 | | Website:

Thank you as always for your business!

Stay safe and healthy,

Roberts Accounting Team


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