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New Client Portal

We had hoped to wait until April to implement a new client portal; however, we unfortunately must transition immediately due to technical issues beyond our control. We truly apologize for any inconvenience and hope that this one-time action on your part will be quick and ultimately lead to a better client portal experience! To access* the new portal, you will receive receive 2 automated emails from noreply@firmportal (the first email is simply a notice that you are invited to the portal, and no action is necessary from this email.) In the email with the subject line: “Your Client Portal Account Information:” This email contains your temporary password.

  • Click “Sign in to your account.”

  • Enter your email and TEMPORARY password.

  • You will be brought to a Welcome Screen where you need to enter the following:

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Old password (the temporary password)

    • New password (a password you choose)

    • Confirm your new password (the one you chose)

  • Click “Sign In.”

  • You will be brought to a Password update screen, stating your password has successfully been updated.

  • Click “Back to Login.”

You can now login to the portal whenever it is convenient for you to securely upload and receive documents. It works the same way our old one does. Bookmark or note the new portal address or find the link anytime from

If you have questions, or would like access to the new portal please call/text us at (585) 454-8780 or email We are happy to help and appreciate your patience with this unavoidable change. Thank you!

*New portal emails were sent on February 14. 2023. If you did not receive the emails please let us know and we will resend them.


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